“Winter is Coming”

As the cold, dark days of winter approach it is hard to resist staying inside curled up in a blanket resting by the fireplace. However, though this seems to be the ideal way to spend a winter; it may not be the healthiest thing we can do. We are mammals and as such we need to protect ourselves from the harsh cold. However, we are not bears and therefore we do not hibernate by nature.  So as difficult as it may seem, try to get yourself outdoors during the sunny daylight hours and move about. This will provide some exercise and allow you to soak up some vitamin D, regulate your hormones, and keep a good sleep cycle as well. This routine will help you to maintain your emotional health during the dark, dreary, and what may seem to be the endless days of winter.  After all, “winter is coming” and in the words of House Stark, “you must always be prepared!”

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