Traits of Adult Children of Alcoholics



Many people have shared the experience of growing up in a home where one or more adults was an alcoholic. It can create an incredibly tumultuous environment inviting much chaos, anxiety and fear.  Unfortunately, no longer living in the home and in the direct presence of the alcoholic does not mean the effects do not continue. There are often long term consequences which occur and may affect the individual.



Many common characteristics are:

  • Feeling guilty when advocating for yourself and struggling to prioritize yourself
  • Low self esteem and overly critical of yourself
  • Helping others but unable to accept help
  • Attracted to people you can rescue and will sacrifice your own well-being to please them
  • Struggling with alcoholism yourself or finding a partner who is an alcoholic
  • Avoidance of feelings, difficulty expressing your emotions
  • Fearful of angry people, unable to accept criticism, take things very personally
  • Feel overly responsible for the behaviors of others, often find yourself saying”I am sorry”
  • Tendency to react rather than manage a situation
  • Addiction to risk taking behavior

If any of these characteristics sounds like you then it may be a good idea to seek out support to assist you in discovering these patterns and help you to make changes to assure a healthier relationship with yourself and others.




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