“Holding On To Anger Is Like Taking Poison and Waiting For The Other Person To Die”

Do you feel like you are easy to anger or when you become angry it seems to consume you? If so, you must work on confronting your anger so that it no longer robs you of the opportunity to feel peaceful. What can you do? Firstly, you must develop the awareness to take a pause and reflect on why you are really feeling angry.  Next, decide how you choose to express it. If you are reactionary you may find that you cause more problems than you started with. If you decide it is necessary to express to another only proceed to do so once you have calmed down and can approach it in a constructive way.  Often times, if we wait, our anger will lessen and we will be grateful we did not do what we would have done instinctively! Sometimes we are trying to be heard, or create justice for ourselves or another.  While this may be a good intention, ask yourself if your anger  is going to create any positive effect. If no, consider that it may only drain your energy and leave you to feel continually disappointed since we are not able to change others. Instead, find a way to get rid of the anger on your own. You can journal your emotions, throw a safe object, scream into a pillow, or visualize the person or situation that angered us sitting in a chair and yell at it there. Realize that when we stay stuck in anger it allows the person or events that caused our anger to have power and control over us.  After all, “holding onto anger is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die!”





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