High Anxiety Personality Test

Do you have some or all of the traits associated with the”High Anxiety Personality?”
There are many common traits that are often seen with this kind of personality which can contribute to feeling emotionally unwell. Some of these traits are:

All/or Nothing Thinking–  The tendency to view circumstances as right or wrong, good or bad.

Excessive Need for Approval–  Being too dependent on approval from others and feeling inept without it. Also, the tendency to want to please others at a possible cost to you.

Unrealistic Expectations of Self– Expect perfection from yourself and continually judge yourself very harshly despite not holding this same impossible standard for others.

Excessive Need to be in Control- Try to plan everything out so that it is predictable. Take charge to try and minimize your anxiety of the unknown.

A constant doer-  Struggle or find it impossible to relax. Feel you “should” always be doing something productive and feel guilty or feel lazy if you try to relax.

If these traits describe you then you may want to consider modifying your thinking. This can be a challenging process and you may need to get some help but with motivation and patience you can alter these thought patterns and feel better.



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