Mental Health Awareness Month!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Many people seek treatment for mental health disorders but others are still feeling the stigma associated with mental illness. The resistance for some to accept that they are struggling with depression or anxiety or other disorders leaves them unwell and creates needless suffering. Fortunately, times have changed and it is time to change along with them!
First off, therapy is not only for the seriously mentally ill. In fact, the majority of people that seek out counseling are adjusted individuals who just hit a bump in the road or have found themselves in a dark place and just cannot seem to find their way to the light. Some people feel embarrassed or inept if they cannot resolve their own emotional conflicts. Guess what? We cannot do everything for ourselves. Do you judge yourself for going to a health care professional when you have bronchitis? If you require antibiotics is this a sign of weakness? My assumption is that your answer is likely to be “no.” So I challenge you to ask yourself what is the difference? Mental Health Treatment is healthcare for our deeply, complex emotional brain. There is little to no chance that any individual is going to get through life without emotional scars. It can be rough out there and our experiences affect us in our own unique ways. “ But others have it worse than me so I have no right to complain.” This statement could not be more untrue. Seeking therapy does not imply that you do not have gratitude for your life, but your problems still hurt and if you do not address them then you deny yourself potential joy, peace, and calm.
Therapy is a no judgement zone where one can feel safe and therefore have the optimal opportunity to explore themselves and experience life changing effects. You can and deserve to feel better. So what better time than now to allow yourself the opportunity to be well and live your life to the fullest!

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