Coping Skills for Life


Some Suggested Coping Mechanisms:
Talk about a stressful event with a supportive person but just make sure you find someone who can listen and validate your feelings.

Music can be a great form of relaxation and distraction. Some people seek out soft music to provide a sense of calm or others find loud music helps to shake out their frustration. You pick what works for you.

Write a story, journal your thoughts.

Read a book. Find one that really speaks to you and allows you to get temporarily lost within the story for a true escape.

Exercise is a great release. Whether you take a walk, run, do yoga or simply stretch out.

Snuggle with a loving animal.

Take a warm long bath or shower.

Take a drive.

Play a game or work on a puzzle.

Get outside and enjoy nature.

Practice some deep relaxing breathing.

If you are able to practice these coping skills you may find that you are able to improve upon your emotional state. You may adjust better to life stress and minimize the uncomfortable feelings that can come with life’s challenges.

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